Live-Talk with Matthias Walkner in the KTM Motohall

Live-Talk in the RC16 arena in the KTM Motohall

Meet&Greet with the Dakar Rally Heroes

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The “Meet your Hero” event in the KTM Motohall took place under the banner: Welcome Back, Dakar Rally Heroes Matthias Walkner and Martin Freinademetz! The two desert rally drivers were welcomed back by more than 400 visitors in the RC16 arena in the KTM Motohall in Mattighofen. Many visitors also took advantage of the opportunity to view the exhibition while they were there. A perfect Sunday for the entire family!

The biggest challenges of the Dakar Rally

Fans, friends, supporters, and journalists were delighted to see Matthias Walkner and Martin Freinademetz enter the KTM Motohall. During his live talk in the RC16 arena together with his right-hand man and motorhome driver Tom Haider, the 34-year-old Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider Matthias Walkner recounted his experiences from the longest and arguably the toughest Dakar Rally of all time. He took a look back at the chaotic Dakar Rally, with its many ups and downs, and described the greatest dangers during the rally. Matthias Walkner is relieved to have survived this year’s Dakar Rally unscathed: “The days are so long and hard, it takes a brutal toll on you and it’s difficult to maintain your focus at all times. If your concentration slips for just a couple of seconds, that’s enough to put you straight on the wrong route, which can cost you a lot of time.” The incredibly difficult navigation made it a challenge for both man and machine, and he is proud to have overcome this challenge to finish in fifth place. Matthias Walkner also recounted the tragic accidents involving two of his colleagues. The deaths of the two motorcycle riders Paulo Gonçalves and Edwin Straver were hard to take. “It’s impossible to put it out of your mind and it does open your eyes. But unfortunately there is no formula that can prevent such a tragic accident occurring,” explains Walkner. Now, though, Matthias is looking forward first of all to being back at home and having the opportunity to relax with his family and friends.


From the slopes to the desert—Martin Freinademetz

Matthias Walkner was not the only famous Austrian to cross the finishing line of the Dakar Rally after more than 7000 kilometers and two grueling weeks. Former snowboard world champion and Red Bull Romaniacs event organizer Martin Freinademetz also successfully completed this year’s Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia. The racer from the Tyrol region told those gathered in the KTM Motohall about his toughest, most exhausting, and most dangerous Dakar Rally, and gave visitors a glimpse behind the scenes. Privateer racer Freinademetz described how, even in his amateur class, the speed was breathtakingly fast and the riding times were extremely long, to say nothing of the cold. He also found that the early morning temperatures of just above zero sapped his energy and his motivation. Where he finished was secondary to him though, and clearly what mattered was to make it the finishing line and enjoy the adventure. And it’s quite obvious that he succeeded in doing so. Martin Freinademetz finished in 71st place in the provisional overall standings.

“ROADBOOK”—Much more than a regular book

The absolute highlight for visitors was the “ROADBOOK” presentation and exclusive autograph session with Matthias and Eva Walkner in the “living” workshop in the KTM Motohall. The brother and sister duo talked about their backgrounds and various events in both motorsport and the freeride scene, what they have in common in the two different extreme sports and what is different, as well as how their family members and friends deal with their unique areas of work and the risks and challenges that come with them. The “ROADBOOK” is available in the KTM Motohall shop! A raffle was held on site giving all visitors the chance to win two entry tickets to the KTM Motohall and a signed ROADBOOK including a Red Bull KTM Factory Racing lifestyle cap. The lucky winner of the KTM Motohall Dakar Rally package was thrilled with the prize: I absolutely recommend KTM Motohall, it’s fun for the entire family. We had an unforgettable day in Mattighofen!

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Meet&Greet with the Dakar Rally Heroes
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Live-Talk in the RC16 arena in the KTM Motohall
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Meet&Greet with the Dakar Rally Heroes
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Meet&Greet with the Dakar Rally Heroes

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