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May 9, 2019, was a very important day for Europe's biggest motorcycle manufacturer. The festive opening of the KTM Motohall, four years in planning and construction, also represents a milestone for Mattighofen, the hometown of the now globally successful company. The project also successfully underlines Upper Austria's strong industrial presence.

400 guests accepted the invitation to the “Friends Opening” in the new town center of Mattighofen. Among those present to offer congratulations on the completion of the fascinating KTM Motohall were regional governor Thomas Stelzer, the Mattighofen town mayor, and prominent Austrian industry leaders. The “RC16” area of the spectacular building was completely filled with guests, including many who have closely followed the activities of KTM. The very first KTM series motorcycle was produced back in 1953, close to where today's new KTM Motohall is located. Long-standing partners, friends and well-deserving employees of the dynamic brand had the honor of experiencing this completely unique world of exhibition and activities for the first time. Guests of honor from the world of motorsport, among them many world champions from major motorcycle disciplines, such as motocross legend Heinz Kinigadner, Dakar winners Matthias Walkner and Sam Sunderland, or MotoGPTM factory riders Pol Espargaro and Miguel Oliveira were present. They also became acquainted with their true-to-life hero doubles on the lavishly-staged Heroes level of the KTM Motohall.

Distinguished guests also made the trip from the USA to the Innviertel, among them Roger DeCoster, who was responsible for KTM’s unprecedented success story in the US Supercross, and who spent a busy evening in Mattighofen. The visit of John Penton to the Friends Opening of the Motohall was also a memorable and very emotional experience. The now 92-year-old American delivered essential impulses to the world of offroad motorcycle competition, and he made KTM famous in the world’s most important offroad market.

KTM CEO Stefan Pierer, in a typically moving, and fast-paced presentation paid tribute to the merits of the brand, and its employees and partners who have created a lively place of pilgrimage in what for KTM is its most important business location.

“The KTM Motohall has an immense meaning for our entire company, Here in Mattighofen we are more than ever firmly committed to our roots, and we connect the past with our intensive presence through the strength of our brand. Together with all our employees, partners and friends, we are looking forward to an exciting future. KTM invites everyone to the Motohall to share our enthusiasm for innovation and racing,” commented Stefan Pierer during his official welcome speech.

Thomas Stelzer (Regional Governor) during the official opening ceremony: “The KTM Motohall represents a world-class project in Upper Austria. What KTM achieves here through emotions and commitment is very impressive. You can see how, with KTM as a leading company, the employees are so enthusiastic about taking advantage of being a part of Upper Austria’s success story, and that is both impressive and motivating. I congratulate KTM for having realized the Motohall.”

Friedrich Schwarzenhofer (mayor of the municipality of Mattighofen): “A great day for our community and the entire region. Personally, I am very proud to experience what has been achieved here. The KTM Motohall is without question the big new attraction in Mattighofen. And we also anticipate a positive impact on tourism throughout the region. A project long in the planning and realization comes to a moving conclusion here today. And in doing so, it represents the start of a new chapter in our town.”

Heinz Kinigadner, who not only has a regular place in KTM’s history as a motorsport hero but who also played a decisive role in the company when Stefan Pierer and his team took it over at the beginning of 1992, commented on what was a very moving event: "Being here today in the center of Mattighofen, to open the Motohall in the company of hundreds of KTM’s friends, has a huge emotional dimension. We have all always believed in the power of the company. The success of a succession of new motorcycles, which have come about as a result of motorsports, is certainly unique. The intensive years of apprenticeship, especially in Rally Sport showed us that giving up is not an option. That's what the KTM Motohall stands for.”

After the festive opening, the KTM Motohall will invite visitors to make the pilgrimage to KTM Platz for the first time on the weekend of May 11-12, where there will be a comprehensive program of side events. The KTM Motohall and the “Pit Box” opens for regular business on May 14, 2019. The adjoining restaurant “Garage” opens on May 15.

Media Kit about the opening of the KTM Motohall, and with up-to-date images online at: www.ktm-motohall.com/opening-media-information

General questions: info.motohall@ktm.com
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